Monday, January 9, 2012

Mines Wonderland Seri Kembangan


ada sesiapa pernah pegi sini?
best ke yek?
tak pernah sampai dan dengar pasal tempat nieH
tapi masa a.k.u dok search..
kebanyakan review macam tak best....

The Mines Wonderland, built around a former mining-pool, is a recreation park that is fast becoming one of Kuala Lumpur's most popular family weekend stops. The Wonderland offers water sports, amusement rides, a winter-house with snow as well as restaurants and various other facilities. It's not far off from the

KL-Seremban Expressway, The Wonderland is about 20 minutes' drive away from the heart of the Federal Capital. It offer something for everyone. At night, glittering floats parade on the lake while a stunning laser and multimedia presentation entertains and mesmerises visitors.

A = Entrance K = Koi Pond

B = Unity Fountain L = Vintage Car

C = White Kingdom M = Roller Coaster

D = Unity Train N = Zheng He Treasure Ship Lantern

E = Secret of Tiger O = Temple of Heaven

F = Garden Boat P = Coin Garden

G = Mini Golf Q = Amphitheatre Performances/ Musical Fountain

H = Inflatable Wonderland R = Giant Dragon Sculptures

I = Road Tram S = Water Taxi

J = Ice Factory T = Light Fantasy on Water

The highlights of the recreation park:

 J = Ice Factory

With a temperature of between -10°C to -15°C, this 10,000 sq ft Snow House is the first winter wonderland in Malaysia. Filled with interesting learning facts and fun excitement, this is certainly an amazing experience.

Q = Musical Fountain

The open-air Musical Fountain theater can accommodate 4,000 spectators at any one time. Incorporating light, musical and water, the “water dance” is a spectacular sight.

Q = Cultural Performances

Special performances by the Kadazans dancers from Sabah, East Malaysia is available in the amphitheater and Traveller’s Food Village on a scheduled basis.

C = White Kingdom

There are various kinds of animals scattered around in the park. They are shown in different forms, either lives ones or as statue, some of which are lit. The White Kingdom within the Animal Kingdom houses some of the rare albino species such as the tigers, peacocks and parrots.

T = Light Fantasy on Water

A lakeside promenade with giant animated aquatic animals decorated with numerous multi-colored lights floats proudly on the lake.

N = Zheng He Treasure Ship Lantern

Re-trace the footsteps of the Admiral Cheng Ho who led his fleet of over 200 ships to the Western seas some 600 years ago. Enhance with audio, visual and sound effects, we will bring you back to the past.

E = Secret of the Tiger

Discover the facts about the tigers and what you might never know in our Secret of Tiger

L = Vintage Car

Take a drive down the memory lane on your favourite Vintage Car and experienced nostalgic moments of a whimsical era.

F = Garden Boat

This birdcage-like boat takes you on a cruise along a 200 metres canal. At the same time, enjoy the carefully formed landscaping with a relaxing ambience

Operation Hours
Tues - Fri : 6pm - 11pm
Sat & Sun : 5pm - 11pm
Public & School Holidays : 5pm - 11pm
*closed on Mon except during school & public holidays

Ticket Rate

RM32 - Adult
RM21 - Children below 12 years old
RM20 - Senior citizen age 55 years old and above


Jalan Dulang, MINES Resort City
43300 Seri Kembangan
Selangor Darul Ehsan



  1. tak best kak ila...saya penah pegi dulu....
    tidak digalakkan pegi.

  2. salu pergi mines tp x pernah masuk sini..

    tp ramai kata cam x best je :(

  3. Dalam gambar je mcm best....tgk link ni masa saya pegi dulu2....

    Taman Temanya buat mcm tangkap muat je...byk unsur ke'Cinaan' kat rekabentuk dalamannya...

    Tak dpt lawan la taman tema mcm sunway lagoon ke...sbb ni agak membosankan...hehe :D

  4. slalu g mines, tp tk ramai pon p situ..mesti tk yh la p...p bukit cerakah la...ada iklan tu....ada 4 musim ke apa ntah


eh nak komen..alahai...tak sangka ada org nak komen...terima kasih lah ye...terharu achik haaa...ada gak org nak komen...nak nangis ok...ha komen-komen...nanti achik baca dan balas ye...bak kata pantun dua kerat tu...

pecah kaca pecah gelas...sudah baca harap balas...



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