Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Deborah Henry


tetiba kat blog ada plak iklan Nuffnang pasal Deborah Henry
bukan kat tepi iklan je
atas..di antara

hebat no ke Deborah Henry nieH?
klik link Nuffnang..
tgk SOGO plak tu
tak boleh jadik neiH...
gunalah kepakaran Mr Google
rupa-rupanya Deborah Henry ni adalah Miss Universe Malaysia 2011
kat bawah ni serba sedikit details pasal Deborah Henry

Hi and welcome to my website! Here, I will share with you the very best and latest news about my career and my life, keep you updated about my upcoming events and, last but not least, share some of the wonderful photographs of my shoots, shows and public appearances.

Many of you may know that I am a model and that I won Miss World Malaysia in 2007. I started modeling at age 15, doing runway shows fashion shoots for magazines. In 2003 I moved to London to experience modeling in one of the fashion capitals of the world. There, I worked for some of my favourite designers including Yves St Laurent, Gucci and Ungaro. After almost a year in London, it was time to get back to studying: I moved to Brisbane, Australia to attend the University of Queensland.Three years later, I graduated with a degree in Economics and Political Science and returned to Malaysia. I was asked to join the Miss Malaysia/World pageant, I did andI won! A few months later, it was a great privilege to represent Malaysia in Miss World 2007, which was held in Sanya, China. That was one of the most intense periods of my life, surrounded for a whole month by over 100 beautiful and accomplished young women from around the world. In the spectacular finale, I was chosen as one of the 15semi-finalists.

Today, I am also a professional event MC, hosting several corporate events such as product launches as well as entertainment and sports functions. I’m the face of the Malaysian International Fashion Alliance (MIFA) andalso one of the hosts on Bella, a daily lifestyle TV show on NTV7.

One of my passions is children and so together with a close friend from University, we started an education centre called Fugee School, to focus on helping refugee children in Malaysia get an education. I have always believed that education is the tool that will enable a neglected or impoverished child break the cycle of poverty. And thiswill enable them to build a better life for themselves. Today, through the generosity of our donors, Fugee School provides a school environment to about 100 refugee children.I also help spread this message in my role as a child’s rights advocate for World Vision.

In February this year, I was selected as Miss Universe Malaysia 2011, my second pageant title and another great honour. In September, I will once again represent my country, this time in Miss Universe, which will be held in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Wish me luck and I hope to make everyone proud again!

I feel so blessed with my life. I thank my parents for the continuous support and guidance they have always given me. I wish you the best for 2011 and look forward to an exciting year filled with great travels, experiences, achievements and lots of love.

tapi ape kena mengena dia ngan SOGO??
bila a.k.u belek-belek..
rupa-rupanya SOGO amik dia sebagai model untuk koleksi terbaru Christmas..

so ape lagi kawan-kawan
SOGO pastinya buat SALE tak hingat punya tuk Christmas and Year End Sale
tunggu jelah ye...



  1. wah kak laju je lau pasal SOGO ye hihi

  2. @qemaishak

    kena amik tahu tu Qema...ha ha ha..rogi kalau tak ikoti perkembangan sale sogo

  3. duta sogo la kata kan.. hehehhe
    x tgk abis pon malam miss universe tu. dia la pemenang nye ek? hm...

  4. @watyz

    akak pun tak sempat tengok....
    tgk pun satu episod je..ha ha ha


eh nak komen..alahai...tak sangka ada org nak komen...terima kasih lah ye...terharu achik haaa...ada gak org nak komen...nak nangis ok...ha komen-komen...nanti achik baca dan balas ye...bak kata pantun dua kerat tu...

pecah kaca pecah gelas...sudah baca harap balas...



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